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Become a Signal Provider for Signal Trader

Are you an experienced trader with a proven track record? If so, you can become a signal provider with Signal Trader. Our innovative auto-execution trading solution allows signals generated by you to be automatically duplicated in the brokerage accounts of our clients.

When you become a Signal Provider for Signal Trader you will receive

  • Exposure to thousands of clients from all over the world
  • Full client support from Signal Trader, allowing you to concentrate on trading
  • Unique live trading room, with real time results visible to Signal Trader clients
  • USD 5 per standard lot (USD 0.5 per mini-lot) traded in followers' accounts, for profitable trades only (a standard lot = 100,000 units)


  • MT4 live trading account with a minimum balance of USD2000
  • At least three months of trading history on the account
  • Draw down percentage of no more than 15% over the lifetime of the account
  • Net profit of at least 3% over the lifetime of the account

How we calculate your revenue:

Overall number of trades executed by you, per month80
Number of profitable trades60
Number of followers100
Client account typesBoth large and small accounts
Generated volume of profitable trades500*60= 30,000 mini lot
Total monthly earnings30,000 x 0.5 = USD15,000

(At the form below – broker, account number and read only password are optional):